Intelligence Led Policing What Was the Future is Now Here

Posted on Mar 23, 2016

Police forces across the nation are now using intelligence-led policing software systems to perform crime analysis and crime mapping to deter and, ultimately, reduce criminal activity. This law enforcement technology analyzes real-time data and delivers that information at a high speed to police officers on patrol. Because of this, they are able to collaborate much more efficiently through the sharing of bulletins, map visualizations, real-time data, and blogs.

Having all available information to these officers quickly helps them to solve crimes faster, which, in effect, deters crime. Real-time data is the most prominent feature that provides the most benefits to law enforcement agencies that decide to embrace this innovative technology. The easily accessible sharing of information enables officers to solve crimes faster by arming them with the most relevant information quickly.

These intelligence-led systems are not intended to replace solid police work and good, old-fashioned police intuition. But they are, however, a perfect complement to a cop’s gut feelings and street sense, and data from the technology, combined with dedicated cops, equals results for police departments. This is because giving law enforcement officers the real-time crime data to accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents enhance their ability to fight crime faster and more efficiently.

NC4 Street Smart™
NC4 Street Smart, one such intelligence-led system, provides police officers with critical, real-time crime data while they patrol their city's streets. The high-speed information sharing NC4 Street Smart provides enables cops to combat crimes more quickly through the visualization of data points on a map and by enabling police to aggregate and share relevant information through situation-based bulletins and other means.

Through systems such as NC4 Street Smart, crime data can be in one common operating picture that is updated in real time. Rather than relying on outdated resources such as a roll-call board or notepad, police officers now have information readily available, which not only helps solve crimes more quickly but also helps deter and reduce criminal activity. What’s more, NC4 Street Smart reduces the amount of time police officers spend writing reports and being off the streets.

For more information on the NC4 Street Smart intelligence-led law enforcement technology or to find out other ways NC4 can help you fight crime, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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