IACP 121st Annual Conference and Exposition set for Oct 25 28

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is holding their 121st Annual Conference and Exposition from Oct. 25-28. Police departments are getting ready to send their law enforcement executives to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., to shop everything from technical crime control equipment in police vehicles to intelligence technology used in the street.

The annual IACP conference hosts numerous live demonstrations and hands-on exhibits for law enforcement agencies to get a feel and become educated on the new police technology available. The event will bring non-stop instructive exhibits, which gives law enforcement agents the chance to test out the latest and emerging police technology available in the industry.


The all-in-one conference is a cost-effective way for law enforcement agencies to try out new police equipment and to search for devices to help reduce crime in their district.

Officers' safety an ongoing theme

The IACP has continued to make officer safety and wellness its top priority. The organization firmly believes that no injury to, or death of, a law enforcement professional is acceptable, especially with the new technology available that could protect agents in the field even more.

The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness offers multiple seminars and instructive exhibits on how law enforcement personnel can maintain an officer life cycle, including recruitment, early career, advanced career and retirement. The organization sets out to educate officers on how to maintain a culture of safety and wellness from recruitment to retirement while working in their own district.

Many law enforcement agencies are set to improve their operations with special events planned for 2014. The program "A Broader Circle, A Bigger Picture" will focus on expanding an officers' public safety community, and strengthening police connections around the nation.

Motorcycle law ride

The "IACP Motorcycle Law Ride" will entail a motorcycle ride-along to the world-famous Daytona International Speedway from Harley Davidson Orlando to the Speedway. Participating riders will get an escort to the speedway where they will then ride straight onto Victory Lane, where Daytona 500 drivers celebrate their winning races.

Law enforcement agents will be able to receive a professional photo while sitting on a Harley Davidson overlooking the breathtaking view of Victory Lane. The ride limit is set at 110 participants and Harley Davidson Orlando will be providing bike rentals at a discounted rate for officers attending IACP.

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