Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. This documentation will help you in navigating the solution and in getting the most out of using Soltra Edge.


Attention: Soltra Edge comes with a self-signed certificate for testing purposes. While this certificate can be used, it is highly recommended to replace this certificate with a certificate from a CA.


Installing a Production Certificate


Please follow the process below to remove the default self-signed certificate and replace with a CA self-signed certificate. 


From the top navigation bar, select “Settings > HTTPS”.



Select the “Delete Certificate” button.



Select the “Delete Key” button under Private Key-pair (KEY).



Select the “Generate Key” button.



Fill out all the fields for the CSR and select the green “Submit” button.



Send this CSR to your CA.



When you receive the certificate from your CA, go back to “Settings > HTTPS” and select the “Upload Certificate” button.  Copy and paste the CA’s certificate into this area and select the “Update Certificate” button.



Select the “Update Settings” button and then select the"Restart HTTP Service" button to restart HTTPD.


On the confirmation pop-up, select the red "Restart HTTP Service" button.



Your system will restart the service. During service restart, you may need to manually refresh your browser. 



Log back into Soltra Edge.










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