How NC4 Street Smart helps with Community Relationships

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by Rob Wolf, Vice President, NC4 Public Safety

Building strong relationships with the public is a major component in community policing and plays a significant role in reducing crime rates. Community-oriented policing inverts traditional and hierarchical policing methods and puts the focus on proactive and collaborative efforts from local police departments and community stakeholders alike. By and large, community-oriented policing has been shown to be highly effective in reducing crime rates and creating a sense of trust and security among citizens.

Community Policing | NC4 Street Smart and Community RelationshipsWith its innovative technology, NC4 Street Smart® helps officers implement proactive, intelligence-led policing techniques that result in strengthened relationships with the community and drastically lower crime rates. NC4 Street Smart is a suite of tools that enables officers to share relevant information in real-time all while having up-to-the-minute crime data at their fingertips while out on patrol in their communities. Instead of waiting 24-48 hours for information to be shared via email, NC4 Street Smart gives officers the ability to connect-the-dots faster and accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents.

Being able to understand the unique needs of various neighborhoods while effectively communicating with citizens of diverse backgrounds is an incredibly important component in strengthening community relationships.

Community policing focuses on solving the crimes that the community is concerned about and addressing concerns by working with and gaining support from the local community. With the NC4 Street Smart Map Viewer feature, police officers get an immediate visualization of crimes in a specific location by displaying color-coded dots that show reported crimes and the locations where they were committed.

NC4 law enforcement technology solutions allow police officers to share critical crime data with other important agencies across cities and counties. Moreover, NC4 Street Smart also provides the ability to analyze this data and draw conclusions that result in actionable items that reduce crime. Because of the robust technology and intelligence provided from NC4 Street Smart, officers spend less time scrambling to solve crimes and more time proactively working within communities to assess crime patterns, connect with local stakeholders, and prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

The information and intelligence provided by NC4 Street Smart helps organizations like the New Castle County Police Department (NCCPD) launch highly-effective community initiatives and develop strategic approaches to combating crime. Armed with the data analysis providing a greater understanding of the types of crimes that take place in specific areas, during specific times and seasons, the NCCPD enlisted Community Outreach Liaisons to increase communication and serve as a resource to various communities within New Castle County's diverse population. Since adding NC4's technology into their overall methodology, NCCPD has exceeded the state and national average of crime reduction year after year.

As you develop crime-reducing practices, it's important to keep in mind the value of community relationships. The tools offered with the NC4 Street Smart solution can help your police department or law enforcement agency focus on community-oriented policing strategies that strengthen your relationship with the public while also reducing crime.

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