How ISACs Are Using Cyber Threat Intelligence

Posted on Jul 31, 2017

In today's constantly changing cyber environment, industries that face the most threats have found an age old saying to be particularly true: there is power in numbers. Over time, Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) and Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) have formed in order to better combat threats using shared cyber threat intelligence. From aviation to electricity, industries are experiencing the increased peace of mind that is possible with collaboration. Here's how ISACs are using cyber threat intelligence to mitigate incidents.

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1. They use widespread collaboration to improve security in the industry as a whole.

Many ISACs have penetrated over 90 percent of their industry-specific sectors. This ensures that the majority of cyber threats can be reported on, analyzed, and reacted to by members of the ISAC. Overall, members are recognizing that vulnerability of other entities in their sector can potentially impact them. By sharing cyber threat intelligence with their community, they are taking steps to protect the industry as a whole.

2.  ISACs and ISAOs provide information that is relevant and actionable.

One of the biggest challenges cybersecurity professionals face is the sheer number of threats that exist and determining actionable steps to mitigate risk. As part of an ISAC or ISAO, members can collaborate to identify the most important threats. They can also learn from each other and gain actionable insights from others who have dealt with similar threats.

3.  ISACs and ISAOs use real-time threats to share information-packed resources with members.

Even if a member of an ISAC or ISAO isn't addressing a real-time threat, ISACs and ISAOs use cyber threat intelligence to provide resources that help cybersecurity professionals stay informed and at the top of their game. Take the FS-ISAC Tips to Defend Against Ransomware for example. This document provides suggestions on how to isolate infected systems, restore files, and collaborate with law enforcement. Additionally, members have access to real-time alert feeds that keep them in the know at all times. ISACs and ISAOs are the ultimate example of using collaborative cyber threat intelligence sharing. In fact, a number of ISACs and ISAOs are NC4 customers and use our cyber risk solutions in helping to protect and defend their sector. This includes the Financial Services ISAC, the Legal Services ISAO, the National Health ISAC, and others. ISACs and ISAOs are testaments to the power of cyber threat information sharing. For more information on how NC4 assists in collaboration, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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