How Cyber Hacks Are Affecting Global Industries

Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Over the past decade plus, global corporations have come to fully recognize the threat of cyber-attacks. This recognition has affected not only how businesses operate, but where they target resources and spend capital. To put it simply, it's now past the point of simple e-mail monitors and anti-virus software. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are now a buzzword of the cybersecurity awareness mainstream.

Cybersecurity Awareness Rises as Cyber Attacks Increase GloballyOne change many business observers and organizations have noticed is that no one is safe from data breaches in this day and age. Those being attacked are no longer only in finance, security intelligence, or government; any business is now a potential target. With personal information being gathered and stored online by such an array of business interests, cyber criminals are widening their net considerably.

An additional change that organizations are noticing is that the responsibility of cybersecurity awareness is being distributed throughout the organization, not solely on the top level of CEOs and board members. It may sound like only a talking point, but the scope of an organization's data protection efforts is often a telling sign of their cybersecurity effectiveness. With so many access points increasing, and so much data to protect, it's on everyone to be more secure and more aware.

All of these shifts in cybersecurity awareness, have led to heightened costs. The cost of not taking action in the face of mounting threats is much higher than the cost of early and consistent investment in solid infrastructure. Cybersecurity plans must be thorough and near the top of the balance sheet. Most industries and multi-nationals now realize this and have begun responding accordingly.

On a global level, it has become more important that diverse corporations openly communicate about the cyber threats they are dealing with across all divisions and departments. By working together to defend against cyber threats, small fixes and early detection can give industries worldwide a bit of leverage over the constant threat of cyber-attack. With the constant rise in threats, cybersecurity awareness must become a group concern, from board members to IT departments, state governments to mom and pop businesses.

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