Greensboro Police Department looks to online database to recover stolen items

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

In Greensboro, North Carolina, the city police department is now inviting residents to use their police serial number computer system to log items into their database in case an object is ever stolen, FOX affiliate WGHP reported. The system would allow users to print off the registered items and make it easier for officers to scan their system that is connected to all the local pawn shops to find stolen property.

Overall crime on the decline in Greensboro

In 2013, the latest year of available data, the Greensboro Police Department reported 2,966 burglaries - a figure that has steadily declined by nearly 2,000 incidents since 2008. However, the police department wants to do everything in its power to get theft numbers as low as possible.

Additionally, overall property crimes in Greensboro have dramatically declined in the last decade. According to the News and Record, in 1995, there were 8,568 reports per 100,000 residents, which was down to 4,284 per 100,000 in 2013.

Department's main goal is to drive down burglaries

Police Chief Ken Miller explained the department's main non-violent priority has been crime control with burglaries and steps for prevention, the source said.

"Our focus over the last four to five years is to drive down property crime rates, because that's what drives our city crime," said Police Chief Miller, earlier in the year, according to the source.

The new technology being used by the GPD is called LeadsOnline, which offers two different features on the website. One section is for investigators to use to find stolen property and the other is open to the public to check valuables and log household items, WGHP reported. The system is free for all Greensboro residents and police are strongly urging locals to take a few hours to log their valuables in case they ever fall victim to property theft.

"Your house is where you live; it's where everything personal happens," said Sgt. Terry Brown of the GPD, the source cited. "And, if someone invades that, you feel it's the biggest thing in the world; and it is."

Another preventative step to help recover items

The system is just another preventative measure the GPD is taking toward resolving theft crimes in the city. Sgt. Brown explained that residents can simply go around their home, take pictures of their items' serial codes, and enter the brand, make, model and any other information into the system, the source said.

The new police technology is helping residents get peace of mind when looking for stolen items since the system has already helped locate property and solved theft cases.

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