GBTA Conference addresses security and travel increases with businesses

Posted on Nov 25, 2017

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) was recently held in Los Angeles and during the conference, there were two big areas of discussion for the industry: international corporate travel and the growing concern for safety and security, The New York Times reported.

The recent GBTA conference discussed the increase in corporate travel and security and risks that come along with it

The GBTA noted that corporate travel would grow by at least 7 percent in 2014, becoming a $1.18 trillion industry worldwide. Specifically for the U.S., total corporate travel increased by 3 percent to reach $292.3 billion.

Conference an educational outlet for many companies

The convention held about 6,700 travel managers, suppliers and other companies in the industry, and the main discussion kept circling back to travel safety and risk management, the source reported.

Michael W. McCormick, the executive director and chief operating officer of GBTA, explained the conference is a place for travel professionals to learn and keep up to date about the new advances in the corporate travel safety industry, Trade Show News Network reported.

"Three hundred sixty days of the year, they all push forward as individuals, but during the conference, the dynamic members of our world's business travel community swap ideas and forge connections to accelerate as one," said McCormick.

Worry over younger generation of travelers

Some of the concern was issued around younger generations entering the workforce and how they handle corporate travel. When it comes to global travel, some experts believe millennials and more inexperienced work travelers can lack situational awareness and can be too worry-free about the possible threats around them, The Times cited.

With major events happening in Iraq, Libya, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and now an Ebola virus outbreak, the time for corporate travel is a dangerous one, but more companies are investing in solutions to protect their workers while abroad. Additionally, the industry is growing at an incredible rate as more workers travel for business, the Trade Show News Network reported. The GBTA conference was established to educate more businesses on the risks of traveling.

"Business isn't just moving - it's accelerating," said McCormick, according to the source. "People traverse the globe more quickly than ever before, letting new ideas and knowledge propel them past yesterday's limits and toward tomorrow's possibilities."

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