Fresno Police Department testing new audio detection technology

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

In an effort to utilize cutting edge technology to make their work more effective, police in Fresno, California are using an audio detection and tracking system to track the location of shots fired in the city, according to local ABC affiliate KFSN. The system, which consists of hardware deployed throughout the city and software used by police to identify the signals captured throughout their jurisdiction. The system can both locate the origin of a gunshot, helping police find the position of a stationary shooter after the fact, as well as track shots fired from a moving vehicle. The system tracks the vectors of the sound of the discharge, allowing law enforcement officers to determine the direction the shooter was traveling in when the incident occurred.

Technology is improving the efforts of police in Fresno California

Emergency response helped as well
Many of the benefits associated with the gunshot tracking technology are related to both immediate response to active events as well as detective work after the fact. The system also provides a direct benefit to citizens who are injured by gunfire. KFSN pointed out that the system also aids in emergency response efforts, allowing both police and emergency responders to find people who have suffered gunshot wounds more quickly and accurately. This security aspect can't be overlooked, as it makes all aspects of responding to a shots fired call more effective.

"We will be able to more quickly locate gunshot victims in order to save their lives, and secondly the faster we can get to a call, the more likely we are able to apprehend the suspects responsible for that shooting," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer to KFSN.

Situational awareness for officers
The safety aspect of the software is very valuable for officers on patrol as well. While a shot fired may not be recorded or noticed unless an officer is in the immediate vicinity, the tracking technology allows police to be more aware of the areas they patrol and avoid potentially entering a dangerous situation. Shot detection is just one aspect of situational awareness, although it's certainly an important one. Police now have many types of technology available to provide a clearer, more complete picture of events occurring in their jurisdiction. The ability to understand what's happening across the area police are responsible for means better-protected officers as well as better results.

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