Fighting gun violence in Seattle a growing concern for the police department

Posted on May 02, 2014

In Seattle, Wash., the police department had their hands full with an increasing amount of gun violence with five separate shootings occurring in the time span between April 18 and April 25, CBS affiliate KIRO reported.

Throughout the same week in 2013, in comparison, the Seattle Police Department records show four robberies and two assaults, but no gun related violent activities, KIRO reported. In 2014, however, there has been a gun-related crime for each day of the week - a contrast that is concerning to some members of the community.


Gregory Banks, leader of the youth mentoring program "Standing in the Gap Seattle," is upset over the continuous gun violence in the city.

"We need to stand up and say we're not going to take this anymore," Banks told KIRO. "When we see a group of young people standing on the corner, we need to come out and say 'You can't do this here, you need to go somewhere else.'"

Crimes unrelated but still an issue

The Seattle Police Department told KIRO that the multiple gun crimes in the last week were all unrelated, but had plans to investigate with their Police Gang Unit while working on each case.

Dan Sanchez, with the East Precinct Advisory Council, which promotes safer streets and less violence, had recently met with the police department to talk about the first shooting. Only blocks away, more gun violence occurred later that week, CBS affiliate KING reported.

"We do have increased presence here in the immediate area in the east precinct and just like everyone the officers that work this area are keenly aware of what's been going on," Mark Jamieson, a detective at the Seattle Police Department told KIRO.

More police departments are looking to crime map technology so officers can easily view the patterns of specific crimes to be prepared and prevent future gun violence. Typically, officers need to go into the station and carry police bulletin board information with them in their cruiser.

However, using a mobile crime control system will allow officers to access up-to-date information on crime patterns, be-on-the-look-out's or any suspicious activity reported from other officers in the field.

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