FFA lifts US flight ban to Israel after two days

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

On July 22, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a ban on all American flights to Israel after rockets were fired from Gaza and one landed less than a mile away from the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Reuters reported.

The FFA lifted the ban on US flights to Israel just after two days

However, just two days after the ban, the U.S. and other nations lifted the flight restriction and allowed aircrafts to enter Israel again. President Barack Obama recently called for the two sides to cease fire, but a truce would seem unlikely even after strong mediation efforts, the source reported.

U.N. agencies stated that more than 140,000 residents have been displaced by the attacks and bombings. Many country officials were too nervous to send public and corporate travelers to an area that is under seemingly intensifying attacks.

"If the talk is of a humanitarian hiatus for - this is not pleasant to say - removing bodies, all kinds of things that are connected to the civilian population in the short-term, this might be weighed," said minister Gilad Erdan to the Israel Radio, according to the source.

The Israeli security cabinet minister explained the army still needs one to two weeks to finish the central mission of razing tunnels that are used by Hamas for cross-border raids, Reuters reported.

"But I will oppose any ceasefire until it is clear both that the tunnels will be destroyed and what will happen in the post-ceasefire period - how we will guarantee that quiet for the residents of Israel will really be preserved in the long-term," Erdan added.

Some believe flight ban was the wrong call

Michael Bloomberg recently spoke to CNN officials and called the U.S. ban on flights to Israel "a mistake." The former New York City mayor explained the best way to fight terrorism is for everyone to go about their normal lives and show that acts of terror will not affect a country's decisions.

While the ban has been lifted, there are still some European airlines that have ceased flights to Israel, Buying Business Travel reported. With airlines preparing trips back to Israel, businesses have to take precautions to protect their corporate travelers while abroad.

NC4 Risk Center allows business travelers to receive up-to-date information on surrounding incidents while traveling to high-risk areas. With businesses increasing their situational awareness, travelers can stay in contact with their security department when entering areas with higher risks.

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