Federal and Private Entities Face These Similar Challenges

Posted on Aug 15, 2017

It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that challenges in cybersecurity faced by the private business community almost mirror those faced at the federal government level. There are different circumstances, of course, but the degree to which these two entities can assist each other in raising cybersecurity awareness is clear. FedScoop and CyberScoop, two leading online cybersecurity magazines, brought together officials from both sides of the private/public divide for a conversation on the threats they are seeing. The insights were illuminating.

Cybersecurity Awareness | Similar Federal & Private Entity Challenges

Many ideas came up in the discussions, but a few issues seemed to be repeated again and again, making it clear just how vital these areas were. With such an overlap in cybersecurity challenges seemingly clear, it's important that we fully digest them. Among the popular topics at this gathering were:

  • Investing wisely: As many failed cybersecurity initiatives over the years have shown, it's not just how much a company invests, but where they do so. Having cybersecurity priorities in good order can be difficult with a constantly changing playing field, but it is imperative.
  • Communication: Infrastructure, talent, and a plan are only as useful as the communication network which guides them. Open lines of communication both internally and externally. Private/public partnerships are critical to detecting threats.
  • Agility: This is an area which the federal government has had more difficulty than public organizations: the ability to be agile and open to change in security protocol. It's also a key to success.
  • Talent: Here we see another public/private divide, but a similar challenge. Both are in a race for the top talent in the realm of cybersecurity, but the resources by which federal agencies can procure such talent are limited as compared to a private organization. Either way, talent and depth of knowledge win in the world of cybersecurity awareness.
  • System updates: Simple but true for all: keeping systems updated and patched is a giant step toward better security. The problem often is convincing those up the ladder that the costs for system upgrades are well worth it. 

NC4 is in a unique position with regards to cybersecurity awareness; we work equally with the private and public sector. Our products and services are well adapted for both, and also allow us a window into which we can see the similar challenges facing all. Open discussions from both sides, like the above, are crucial for a more secure overall cyber infrastructure. Our years of work within the industry position us to help.
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