7th Annual Continuity Insights New York Conference

October 22, 2018
New York, New York
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Continuity Insights New York 2018, produced in partnership with the Contingency Planning Exchange, is a single-day event that will feature recognized subject matter experts sharing best practices, timely information, and leading strategies for a more resilient business community.

FS-ISAC Fall Summit

November 11-14, 2018
Chicago, IL
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We all have a common goal and that is to protect our company brand and the data that has been entrusted to us. The FS-ISAC Fall Summit brings together leaders across the cybersecurity and financial sectors to network, learn, and discuss ways to keep the community protected.

InfoSecurity North America

November 14-15, 2018
New York, NY
With more than 23 years of experience creating market-leading information security events around the globe, Infosecurity Group is coming to New York in November 2018. Infosecurity North America will provide end-user buyers with a focused business event environment that facilitates valuable networking, immersive learning and leads the critical debate through cutting edge content.

H-ISAC Fall Summit

November 26-30, 2018
San Antonio, TX
H-ISAC is a trusted community of critical infrastructure owners and operators within the Health Care and Public Health sector (HPH). The community is primarily focused on sharing timely, actionable and relevant information with each other including intelligence on threats, incidents and vulnerabilities that can include data such as indicators of compromise, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors, advice and best practices, mitigation strategies and other valuable material. This year's event theme is "Never Stand Alone" and will bring top CISO's and industry leaders together to discuss initiatives to best protect the Health sector.

NC4 Risk Center Quarterly Call

January 16, 2019
10am PT / 1pm ET
We invite our NC4 Risk Center Customers to join in a quarterly discussion to hear about upcoming product announcements, experience product demonstrations and to see a case study from a fellow Risk Center customer to see the solution in action.

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