Evansville IN police using new addition to body camera technology

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

The popularity of body cameras as a tool for police departments across the country continues to increase. Both national discussions of such devices in the news media and the results of recent studies into their effectiveness have encouraged adoption. Police departments are starting to include cameras as part of the uniform of officers, both to bolster community relations and to collect additional, impartial evidence when responding to calls. Automatic recording of specific situations, a relatively new feature, may make these devices more useful for police officers in Evansville, Indiana who are using the enhanced system.

Body cameras are the major topic of conversation when it comes to police technology

Making sure cameras are on when needed
An article from area newspaper The Evansville Courier and Press said that a major concern for members of the department has been making sure body cameras are on when their recording functions are needed. This change in approach eliminates the need for officers to remember to turn on their cameras when necessary. The fact that dangerous situations that require a quick response are often the same times when cameras have to be switched on is one important factor for this technical change. There's also a benefit to community involvement and interaction in play, as body cameras that automatically start recording eliminate the possibility that a device could be turned off to protect officers engaged in suspicious or illegal behavior.

"The policy is when you're dealing with the public you have to use it," said Sgt. Jason Cullum, Evansville Police Department spokesperson, to The Courier and Press. "They are required to use it on dispatched runs and self-initiated [runs]. A police run is a police run, whether it's a code 3 emergency or just a routine standby for property all of those are supposed to get [recorded]."

Just one aspect of crime control and evidence gathering
Body cameras are the major trend in the realm of police technology at the moment, but they're certainly not the only aspect where hardware, software and connectivity can improve officer performance, knowledge and safety. NC4 Street Smart promotes department-wide intelligence sharing that keeps officers on the streets informed and aware of potential dangers and other operational concerns. By replacing ephemeral information with searchable, securely stored bulletins and blogs, officers can access critical data at any point during their patrols.

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