Essential Cybersecurity Considerations for your Business

Posted on Feb 09, 2017

Cyber threat intelligence is a broad concept that covers many different disciplines and can be applied to your business in a variety of ways. It goes without saying that each individual organization is going to have a different set of vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity operations. Yet, there are basic fundamental concepts that can be applied to every and any corporation. Your ability to understand how these concepts apply to your business, and to do everything you can to prepare your cybersecurity unit on the basis of your answers, can go a long way towards solidifying security in a quickly evolving world. These can be thought of as the three simple principal cornerstones to begin building a cybersecurity apparatus around.

Cyber Threat Intelligence | Essential Cybersecurity Considerations</

Understanding Assets

It's impossible to establish the beginnings of a good cybersecurity system without first having a fully realized understanding of your assets. These, perhaps, will become eventual targets, and not everything is as obvious as it may seem in this arena. For example, your business may gain no profit whatsoever from your customer's e-mail addresses, but that doesn't make them equally invaluable to all.

Understanding Flaws

It is often easy to be blind to weaknesses in systems. For this reason, it's vital to take a long and thorough look into your infrastructure on all levels. Cyber threats may not only have the intended goal to damage your business; often the objective can be a quiet malicious collection of data and information – a loss can be equally damaging to your brand in the long run. As areas of vulnerability become clear, your path to closing off those problem spots also comes into clearer focus. 

Understanding Threats

Every business is going to face a different type of threat, as every business deals in different valuable assets. The concerns of a business with data on celebrities will differ from one with data on oil fields. But it's important to note: one should not grow complacent because your business seems outside the umbrella of one specific threat group.

Once you've successfully digested the ways in which your business fits into these three spectrums for cyber threat intelligence, you can begin to defend yourself. Much of this defense comes from the knowledge of others in your business community, and one platform to share this information is NC4's Cyber Threat Exchange (CTX). This tool enables you to communicate with businesses in similar positions, in real-time, about the threats your organization has seen. Through this information-sharing platform, you can enhance both your understanding of the defenses you need and the threats that are evolving. For more information, contact NC4 anytime at 877-624-4999. We have the technology that can spark your cybersecurity revolution.

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