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A wholly owned subsidiary of NC4 acquired in June 2006, The ESP Group is a Managed Services provider bringing government agencies and corporations a common, web-based platform for highly secure communication and secure collaboration.

ESP solutions bring diverse organizations flexible, compartmented environments configured with effective collaborative tools and functionality for exchanging critical information. Continuously striving to operate at a higher level of security, trust, service, technology, and performance, The ESP Group focuses on eliminating the barriers to secure, collaborative information sharing. One of the key success factors is the combination of collaboration with highly secure, mission-focused applications.

ESP solutions incorporate a core set of tools to include robust functionality, an intuitive interface and the capability to compartmentalize data by individual users, organizations, or customized groups. These tools enable our clients to manage projects, collaborate on areas of interest, and disseminate information quickly and easily to other participants. Core functionality includes:

  • Secure Messaging — Secured email, requiring authentication to access and read messages, with internal and external notifications
  • Compartmented Library — A secure document repository, allowing for revision controls
  • Online Briefings — Secure sharing of presentations in a common meeting space with moderation and interactive chat
  • Data Survey Wizard — A user configurable survey tool to collect information from users
  • Member Directory — User contact directory
  • Calendars — Meeting and event scheduling
  • Forum Discussions — Interactive blog and information repository
  • Public/Private Chat Rooms — Secure, interactive chat sessions
  • Task Trac — Project management and workflow
  • Search — Full search capabilities
  • Wiki/Blogs — Real-time collaboration and reference tools
  • RSS Feeds — Ability to feed external information to the solution interface

In addition to these core tools, customized Managed Services can be designed specifically for each client. Custom application examples include:

  • Foreign National Management and Tracking System — Visitor tracking and approvals through workflow management
  • Adverse Reaction Drug Reporting System — Drug study/drug trial monitoring and tracking
  • Case Management System — Tracking of suspicious activities, investigations and incidents
  • Centralized Scheduling System — Course creation and scheduling, student evaluation tracking
  • Equipment Utilization Database — Equipment database with reservation and purchase agent

When organizations need to communicate sensitive information across traditional network boundaries, reaching those that may reside geographically or technically remote, they come to NC4 to address these challenges.

Contact us today to learn how ESP solutions can help your organization communicate and collaborate more securely.


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