Duty of care should be a business obligation for corporate travelers

Posted on May 07, 2014

Corporate traveler numbers are growing at a fast rate. As more businesses send their workers across borders, organizations need to understand the risks and duty of care responsibilities.

Duty of care is becoming a more popular theme for businesses sending workers abroad, and companies that need employees to fly regularly should have a well-tuned corporate travel security program, the Billings Gazette reported.

When it comes to protecting corporate travelers, duty of care is not simply a business making sure its workers arrive to their destinations safely. Duty of care involves protecting and managing risk for workers during the full trip. Several businesses need to send employees across the globe, and while incidents are impossible to completely avoid - having the right duty of care strategy can mitigate potential risks and the liability associated with them.

Improving crisis communications

In the event of an emergency, workers need the right crisis management plan to turn to for protection. A combination of several international incidents or an isolated one, like the attacks on London and Boston, or the Icelandic ash cloud that halted flights for weeks, could disrupt business, the Billings Gazette reported.

Companies have to put more effort into protecting their employees in this day and age, and according to the source, it helps to know where business travelers are located at all times. Businesses have to be ready for all the possible risks when an employee is traveling internationally and starting a duty of care plan could prevent incidents from turning to serious company problems.

A recent Frequent Business Traveler survey polled more than 1,300 corporate travelers about travel expectations for 2014. According to the report, 33 percent of respondents said they counted on traveling more in 2014, and 50 percent admitted numerous business trips were in the future.

Technology necessary for keeping in touch

As more employers look to stay connected with their employees during their traveling, businesses are looking to technology for help. According to the Billings Gazette, communication is important to have a strong duty of care strategy, and increasing the connection between travelers and corporate security departments could be improved with mobile devices.

When an incident occurs, business travelers need a system they can rely on to get accurate and detailed information to do everything to mitigate the risk. Having a 24-hour connection can be achieved with risk management software to keep in touch with employees no matter where they are in the world.

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