Duty of Care and Your Traveling Employees

Posted on Apr 25, 2016

Employees traveling abroad are at a disadvantage since they are not familiar with the culture and environment in which they venture into, and since they are working on your behalf, you agree to be responsible for them. At least that's the oversimplified gist of the "duty of care" model as it applies to travel risk assessment for American businesses.

Duty-of-CareDuty of care, as defined in tort law, is a legal obligation requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care, that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure your employees' safety when they are involved in an activity or trip on your behalf. Remember that your duty of care obligations are foundational when you contemplate risk considerations. And with the spate of global crises on many fronts, such as natural disaster, terrorism, disease, etc., taking a careful look at duty of care is ever so timely.

International Travel Best Practices
However, many employers are ill-prepared to fulfill their duty of care obligations, having neither the infrastructure or planning in place. With companies facing legal liability for any unfortunate turn of events, it is a good idea to keep in mind these six best practices:

  • Assess all risks and dangers where employees travel.
  • Analyze how specific job functions entail particular risks.
  • Determine whether your organization is meeting its duty of care obligations and then formulate ways to do so where needed.
  • Educate employees on the risks and what to do if a situation arises.
  • Track the location of traveling employees.
  • Enable trustworthy communication channels to reach employees anywhere and at any time.

A Solution to Mitigate Risks
Although you can't avoid unforeseen incidents when your employees travel, you can easily perform all of the above-listed best practices.

Numerous Fortune 1000 organizations rely on NC4 to be their eyes and ears to what is happening around the globe to better protect their traveling employees and other assets. NC4 evaluates worldwide incidents and events in real-time, providing early warning and predictive intelligence of risks that could not only affect employee health and safety, but also could threaten critical infrastructure and cause business disruption.

NC4's risk management application, NC4 Risk Center™, integrates technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis, enhancing your ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to risks. For more information on how our travel risk assessment platform, NC4 Risk Center with ActivTravel, can help your organization fulfill its duty of care obligations, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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