Defining Your Travel Policy Focus Safety

Posted on Apr 11, 2017

Safety when traveling abroad for company business cannot simply be a cursory concern, but must be an overarching culture by which your teams and employees guide themselves. Of course, there are many priorities for travel managers including cost effectiveness, time concerns, and more, but safety needs to be a top consideration. In fact, one of the top reasons travel managers are hired is to ensure the protection of travelers. Business travel cannot be done safely without a policy, and knowledgeable employees that have the discipline to follow guidelines effectively. Travel risk management is a field that seeks to understand all the hazards, and to circumvent them as easily and efficiently as possible. Traveling safely is essentially about looking beyond the curve in the road.

Travel Risk Management | Defining Your Travel Policy Focus: Safety</Companies of even a moderate size should have a dedicated travel manager assigned to oversee the logistics and safety of any company related trips. The security of your employees abroad is a direct reflection on your company culture as a whole, and every trip is an opportunity to learn more and improve for the next time. As such, good travel managers will look at past trips as research opportunities:
  • Survey your returning team for unforeseen complications.
  • Look into the reality of locality-based travel issues (poor roads, sporadic electricity, etc.)
  • Better understand overall security and effectiveness of local law enforcement and emergency response.


Complications beyond your control can still be within the realms of prediction. Does the travel destination have a history of delayed flights? Is there a possibility of severe weather? What are the capabilities of the local authorities in responding to natural disasters? And, not inconsequentially, what is your ability to extract your people from afar? In worst case scenarios, even knowing the location of American embassies in overseas destinations can prove to be valuable knowledge.

What seems like the stuff of worry-warts and over-planners for the traveling general public, is the absolute essence of what it takes to be a travel manager for a corporation. And when it comes to travel risk management, thoroughness is imperative. Keeping track of evolving risks and documenting situations from the past requires a platform centered in logic; it's here that a solution like NC4 Risk Center™ can play a key role in travel risk management for your corporation. For more information on our services and abilities, contact the specialists at NC4® anytime at 877-624-3771.

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