Cyclone Ita causing travel restrictions in Australia s Barrier Reef region

Posted on Apr 25, 2014

Cyclone Ita devastated parts of the coast of Australia after causing a category one storm on April 11, and many are still affected by the storm, reported DNA India.

The worst-hit city, Cooktown, warned residents and travelers in the area that drinking water supplies were diminishing as the cyclone moved across Australia's Barrier Reef coast on April 13. The storm was originally categorized as a level four storm (five being the most severe), but was soon dropped to a level one.


However, emergency disaster officials said nearly 16,000 homes and businesses in the area are without power and many roads are closed due to flooding, according to DNA India. There were no deaths reported from the storm.

The majority of the storm affected Cooktown, and now many officials are urging people in the area to conserve water since water storage areas were damaged by the storm.

"Police are around patrolling now because naturally people say 'oh, we've got the water back, we'll hose off our house or driveway or whatever'," Steven Wilton, CEO of the Cook shire council told ABC News. "That can't happen otherwise we will run out of water this afternoon."

In Ingham, the city has closed its airport due to the intense flooding and the ferry services between Townsville and Magnetic Island have been canceled until further notice, reported ABC News.

"It means that roads will be blocked and again I urge people – restrict their travel to only vital travel," said Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman in an official statement, according to DNA India.

Travel safety for businesses

As the region enters the cyclone season, many businesses are focusing on keeping their corporate travelers out of harm's way when sending them for work in Australia's Barrier Reef region. When businesses are not prepared, their workers can be harmed if sent into dangerous areas.

However, companies can invest in risk management software to track travelers and keep them up to date with critical information about storms or cyclones. As for Cyclone Ita, the storm damaged multiple buildings and no one was severely injured from the strong winds.

"There have been four buildings destroyed, four severely damaged, four moderately damaged and 42 have suffered minor damage," Newman stated, according to ABC News.

Having the right disaster management plan could help businesses better prepare for a natural disaster to keep operations running.

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