Cybersecurity Responsibility From CEOs to the Board

Posted on Jun 05, 2017

Cybersecurity awareness is an important component of any organization's business strategy, but the importance executives are placing on cybersecurity awareness has evolved extensively over the years. What started as a concern of IT professionals has blossomed into a concept that is widely understood and considered vital for business continuity. CEOs and CISOs were some of the first in executive management to embrace the details involved with cybersecurity, but now, that knowledge is working its way even further up the chain of command. More and more, your organization's board will want in-depth briefings on cybersecurity capabilities.

Cybersecurity Awareness | Cybersecurity: From CEOs to the Board</

Attacks on data and information are now front page news, making it a likely point of emphasis to come up on any quarterly call or board meeting. CEOs and other executives now need to be prepared to answer potentially complex questions on the strength of cybersecurity infrastructure, as well as response guidelines.

The reason for this new focus from company boards is multifaceted, but it boils down to this: cyber-attacks are no longer directed simply at hardware and monetary assets, but
information. As such, there are some important things to keep in mind when considering what a board member may want to know regarding cybersecurity awareness:

  • Information targeted in data breaches is increasingly related to personal records. Inter-agency emails, internal documents, and even medical records can be tempting targets. This puts the security of the board's private information directly at risk.
  • From political organizations to multinational energy corporations, any group that stores data is a possible target. Data is valuable in a number of ways, and this value can shift over time. Ten years ago, nobody would have guessed a movie studio's private emails, such as Sony's, could be the target of an attack. 
  • Cyber insurance is on the minds of board members; it both mitigates the overall risk to the organization and allows the board to be proactive as well as informed regarding cybersecurity.
  • Hiring world-class security executives and IT background support is now on the mind of every CEO. This contributes to the high demand, and lower supply, of IT professionals.
  • What proactive measures are being taken to identify potential cyber threats? Cyber threat intelligence sharing can be used to increase cybersecurity awareness as well as identify and mitigate threats.

All of this makes tools like NC4's cyber risk solutions so important. Cybersecurity awareness is no longer the concern of select individuals, but a necessary concept to be digested company-wide. Having a secure and easy-to-use platform for communication can improve your organization's awareness from the mail room clerk to the senior board member. For more information, contact us today at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at


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