Cyber Threat Sharing Assists Aviation Industry in Combating Cyber Attacks

Posted on Jun 20, 2017

Cyber threats in the 21st century are not confined to any one type of business or organization. They are becoming risk mainstays that everyone must account for when determining a business plan or setting guidelines for communication. Modern cyber-attacks can hit big data services or nationwide energy conglomerates, but an industry that has recently become more and more aware of the developing threats is aviation. To mitigate them, cyber threat intelligence sharing is regarded as a vital tool.

Cyber Threat Intelligence | Cyber Threat Sharing Assists Aviation Industry</

Just how big is the issue of online cyber threats for the aviation industry? Luc Tytgat, who is the Director of Strategy and Safety Management at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), recently put the figure at around 1,000 attacks per month to worldwide aviation mainframes. There is a large number of systems vulnerable to attack within the aviation industry: 

Flight operations: Includes everything to do with the actual business of flying a plane, including critical onboard software.

Computer ticketing systems: Whether they are online or direct mainframes in terminals, issues created within these systems can cause delays and headaches.

Communication systems: From the tower to the parking garage at the airport, keeping secure communication is critical, and these systems are a large target.

Air traffic management: Important to keeping flights safe and on-time, it is also a system highly reliant on software and communication networks subject to attack. 

To navigate this expanding web of threats and complexities, clear communication platforms and proactive cyber threat sharing will be fundamental for those who work in the future of aviation. As a country, we've taken great steps over the past decade, but there is more we can do. Any member of the aviation community should have knowledge of these three important compacts and advances that have recently been made:

Aviation officials are stressing that private industry and governments must work better together to thwart potential threats. In an interconnected world, this can be achieved through common collaboration and sharing platforms; NC4 has years of experience and proven solutions in this realm. The ability to reach out for information across a variety of trusted sources is cyber threat intelligence at its finest, and it's only possible with the proper structures in place. The aviation industry might be at a crossroads of security, and the proper path forward seems clear.

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