Cyber Threat Intelligence 5 Things to Know About the New Cybersecurity Act

Posted on Mar 07, 2016

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2015, signed into law this past December, has far-reaching implications for cyber threat intelligence sharing, real-time reporting, privacy, liability, and other areas of importance to your business. Here, we lay out five key things to know about the new cybersecurity act.

The right approach to cybersecurity is crucial for effective defense
1. CISA is intended to enable companies to respond more quickly than ever to known threats. For organizations that participate, the idea is that warnings of cyber attacks or vulnerabilities, even those in completely different business sectors, would arrive in minutes through an automated system.

2. CISA authorizes companies to monitor their information systems and apply defensive actions to combat cyber threats, such as security vulnerabilities, malicious reconnaissance (spy software), malicious cyber command and control, code that defeats a security measure or exploits a security flaw, and code that causes a legitimate user of a system to unknowingly exploit a security bug or bypass a security measure for the benefit of third-party hackers.

3. CISA authorizes private entities to share information about cyber threats and any defensive measures taken with authorities as well as other companies.

4. CISA provides liability protections for companies that monitor and share information related to their cyber security threats, stating that no cause of action can be brought against private entities that conduct activities authorized by and in accordance with CISA. Additionally, the Act guarantees that legal privileges, such as trade secret protection, are not relinquished when sharing data with government agencies.

5. CISA exempts shared information from disclosure under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and keeps participating private entities from violating antitrust laws through the shared information.

While the passing of CISA should greatly reduce the length of response time in regards to cyber threat intelligence, it also makes it more important than ever to strike the right balance between sharing and protecting your information. NC4 Mission Center™ is a managed service solution that provides a highly secure, web-based platform for secure communication and collaboration. For more information on the NC4 Mission Center, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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