Cyber Attacks Pose Major Risks to Hospitals and Healthcare Sector

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

The healthcare sector is comprised of integrated technological centers that store (usually on-site) an enormous amount of data and information on the millions of patients that come through their doors every year, which makes them high risk for cyber threats. Not only that, but for a hospital to function on a daily basis, it relies on quick secure access to information; long gone are the days of a paper chart marked with a pencil at the end of a bed.

Cyber threat intelligence sharing is fundamental to both improving a healthcare organization's cyber-defense capabilities and evolving those capabilities as the risks change over time. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence | Cyber Attacks Pose Major Risks to Hospitals</An example of the threat of cyber-attack in the healthcare industry came from across the pond just a few months ago. Three large United Kingdom hospitals were literally forced to shut down by a concentrated attack on their linked IT systems. Due to this being a recent incident, and to some degree, because the computer systems were part of Britain's governmental National Health Service (NHS), exact details on how the threat evolved and how it was ultimately thwarted have yet to be released. But, it is clear that the attack was directed at the information system the hospitals ran on, and the effect was severe. Similar cyber-attacks, like the one carried out against a California hospital (where the healthcare center was reported to have actually paid a $100,000 ransom) are becoming increasingly common.

Security solutions designed for the 21st century have the capability to lower risk and improve an organization's response ability in future cyber-attacks. The British government alone has recently approved plans to spend 2.3 billion dollars to shore up cyber-defenses in its healthcare industry's technical systems, and with good cause.
Cyber threat intelligence sharing and more modern IT systems with flexible design and multipurpose abilities look to lessen the damage done by cyber-attacks.

When your organization is investing and diving deep into cyber-threats in healthcare (or many major industries, for that matter), having a solid and versatile platform to exchange cyber threat intelligence can be absolutely vital. The NC4 Cyber Threat Exchange is one such system. Built with today's changing cyber landscape in mind, its ability to share credible cyber threat intelligence and react to spreading threats in real-time enhances any organization's cybersecurity. This ever-expanding base of knowledge, to manage and improve the reliability of your systems, is an incredible tool. For more information, contact us today at 877-624-3771, or feel free to e-mail us anytime at

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