Creating an effective duty of care plan for traveling workers

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

It's important for businesses to have a safety net when it comes to protecting their workers, and even more so when employees are traveling abroad. According to the New Zealand Herald, employees need to have reassurance while traveling for work, especially when there is an emergency.

Organizations need a plan to make sure employees are traveling safely and are able to communicate in the event of an incident, the source reported. There are several methods to protecting workers while traveling, but having a duty of care plan can help keep corporate travelers safe. 

Designated booking channels keep employees on track

One way that can help businesses locate employees while overseas is using designated booking channels. According to the New Zealand Herald, when an incident occurs, it can cause several travel disruptions and employers need to respond quickly and have the capability of contacting employees immediately.

In the event of a travel disturbance, having access to detailed information can enable workers to react more effectively when constructing alternate travel plans. Using designated booking channels can help employees abroad stay in touch with up-to-date itineraries.

Having the right tool to connect with employees, such as a text alert that is fast and to the point, can make a huge impact, Work Buzz reported. 

Travel insurance

Insurance is essentially for the purpose of giving customers the peace of mind that they are covered when an incident occurs. The same rings true with travel insurance and businesses have to consider their options when allowing employees to travel internationally since there are a plethora of additional risks involved.

Employers need to stay in contact with their travel insurance agencies to make sure a company's policy can protect the type of travel they might encounter, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Staying connected all the time

One of the most essential things for businesses is to stay connected through phone or email with their corporate travelers. According to Work Buzz, employees can sometimes be out of sight and out of mind and may not update employers on their current location.

However, workers and employers need to have access to each other at any travel location so they can be updated on important information about the area if an incident occurs.  Businesses need to ensure roaming phone plans and internet connectivity are available for workers traveling abroad so contact is never lost between the two parties.

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