Corporate travelers need to manage stress while abroad

Posted on May 16, 2014

Corporate travelers have a lot on their plates when moving around the globe on business. One of the dangers that affects corporate travelers the most is handling stress while on the road or away from home.

Business travelers often pull odd hours due to their packed travel itineraries, a reality of business travel that could lead to changes in behavior - even including their diets - while abroad, CNN reported. If possible, many companies want to avoid such stress-induced behavior. Reducing stress could help businesses better protect their travelers.

Companies have an ethical responsibility regarding duty of care for corporate travelers and lowering stress levels, which could increase traveler awareness of their surroundings.

Improving situational awareness

Businesses should stay in touch with their corporate travelers to ensure they are arriving safely and not at risk. According to Buying Business Travel, one of the best ways to increase situational awareness for business travelers is to communicate more frequently.

Another thing that could help protect travelers is to set specific restrictions across the board for employees when they are abroad. According to the source, when different levels of workers have separate rules while traveling, there could be a misunderstanding on why some rules apply to senior officials and not to other workers.

Simply put, workers need to all be on the same level when traveling together, which - ultimately - may keep employees safer.

Keeping workers calm

When corporate travelers are abroad, there are several incidents that could happen to endanger them. Workers need to stay alert but remain calm while traveling. According to CNN, corporate travelers should practice slow and deep breathing as well as stay hydrated during trips to reduce their stress level.

"Look at each trip as an adventure and know that you'll get through anything," Shah explained, according to CNN. "If a flight is delayed, make the best of it by reading, napping, going to an airport spa for a massage, or nearby fitness center."

Protecting corporate travelers should be a priority for companies sending workers to other countries. Reducing stress is a part of the equation. Calm, informed employees are better able to respond to emergency situations.

"There is absolutely added stress for business travelers," Neil Shah, director of The Stress Management Society, told CNN. "Unlike leisure travelers,[business travelers] are more likely to have no down time and will be working constantly, unable to switch off."

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