Conveying the Importance of Cybersecurity to the C Suite

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

Cybersecurity is no longer a matter for niche professionals and a small, specialized portion of your organization; it's a company-wide mandate that extends from the lowest level employee to the C-Suite. Having cybersecurity awareness, and making it a priority within your organization, will only become more critical as the years go by. It's not just a matter of knowledge; it's a fully-implemented system that includes communication, procedure, and repetition. Board members need to understand the process and ramifications of cybersecurity with a high degree of certainty.

Cybersecurity Awareness | Conveying the Importance of Cybersecurity to the C-Suite</

Attacks are going up in both number and sophistication and the range of targets has broadened. Many larger multinational organizations, at this point, are guided by the mantra of not if, but simply when. This makes creating safeguards and ensuring that communication is open, as well as understood, absolutely key. In 2015, PWC released a study showing that amongst surveyed corporations, 79% reported at least one cyber-attack in the previous year. The security firm, Gemalto, put out an estimate proposing that per year, upwards of 700 million data records could no longer be thought of as secure. There is no reason to believe these numbers will do anything but go up. 

Despite these, and many other corroborating sobering statistics, PWC's study also showed that surveyed corporations only had a dedicated cybersecurity team in 37% of cases. Those in leadership positions will have to make a greater priority of
cybersecurity awareness in the floors below them; it is a matter of both monetary importance and data security. Attacks are making worldwide news on a daily basis for good reason, and they are hitting all levels of our online society. DDoS attacks, e-mail hacks, and the release of proprietary information are becoming common occurrences.

To safeguard your organization, no matter its size, is vital. This is a top-down directive that, ideally, prepares your defenses, envisions your response, and plans for your recovery. Communication, on a company-wide level, is the lynchpin to all these aspects of cybersecurity awareness. A platform like the NC4's Cyber Threat Exchange (CTX) can go a long way towards the total package of precautionary measures your organization can employ. For more information on our products, e-mail us at

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