Concern in Libya prompts travel restrictions for many nations

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

With tensions and instability rising in Libya, many travel experts are cautioning citizens about the travel in and around the area. According to Security Management Magazine, a geopolitical expert reached out to CSO Roundtable and explained Libya could turn into the next Iraq, which would then bring many security implications to the nation.

The US and UK have both strongly advised against any travel to Libya during their civil war period

The CSO Roundtable, which is a section of ASIS International, a board of the highest senior security administrators from the largest firms across the world - held a teleconference with the geopolitical risk and security experts on Sept. 8, the source cited.

"It's the country by far that I am the most concerned about," said Olivier Guitta, a security and geopolitical consultant, according to the source.

Guitta has crafted a large network in the Middle East and North Africa to track and gain information about risk and security issues. The civil war in Libya has caused the fighting to move into the southern regions of the country. According to the source, the region is extremely dangerous and is a lawless environment where jihadist groups reside.

Travel cautions in nearby nations as well

Guitta added that CIA intelligence reported last month that jihadists in Libya planned an attack on a neighboring nation such as Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco, Security Management Magazine reported. The nations surrounding Libya are increasing security monitoring and risk awareness to prepare for any attempted attacks.

"This shows how a failed state like Libya can have a huge impact," said Guitta.

UK and US governments advise against any travel to Libya

The planned fighting and attacks have many nations across the world advising against any sort of business travel to the region. According to the Foreign Commonwealth Office in the U.K., travel to Libya should be avoided at all costs and British nationals in the county are advised to leave as soon as possible.

The government website explained that commercial transportation and flights are available for those attempting to leave Libya's Misrata and Maitega Airports. However, flights from Misrata and Maitega to Egypt and Tunisia are suspended during the civil war fighting.

Additionally, the Department of State issued a warning for U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Libya. The U.S. travel agency said "unpredictable and unstable" security conditions should keep citizens and corporate travelers away, especially since numerous military-grade weapons are in the hands of private individuals in the county.

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