Capabilities vs Coordination in Cyber Attack Defense

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence, and technological capabilities are all key aspects of secure network defense. This extends from multi-national companies to government-level defense. To some, those are the three core ingredients. Although there is another aspect, and without it, most cybersecurity is rendered pointless: communication and coordination.

Cybersecurity Awareness Experts Discuss Cyber-Attack DefenseA report by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) Cyber Working Group recently found that although the country has the ability to defend itself thoroughly from cyber-attacks, it lacks organization, coordination and a system to easily share threat intelligence between government and private sector. Basically, the puzzle pieces are there, but the players to organize and assemble them are not. The NIAC Cyber Working Group co-chair, Robert Carr, put it best himself: "cyber capabilities and oversight are fragmented, and private sector and government roles and responsibilities remain unclear."

Just a few of the recommendations the group made to the DHS include:

  • The creation of distinct and secure communication networks focused on cybersecurity.
  • The introduction of private sector machine-to-machine information systems.
  • A heavy emphasis on private-public coordination programs.
  • Streamlining of the current security clearance procedures.
  • The continuation of government protocols that are more clear in regards to cyber threats, including the ability to declassify content quickly.
  • The introduction of a task force that contains members of the major private infrastructure community and the government.

Carr expressed his surprise at how weak our government's communication and organization  defense capabilities are; although according to the report, overall cybersecurity capabilities are quite robust.

Strengthening our nation's cyber defense posture requires communication processes and machine-to-machine automation to facilitate information sharing of cyber threats at network speed. NC4's Cyber Risk solutions enable cyber defense capabilities on a wide-scale: NC4 Mission Center™ is a human collaboration platform specifically designed to discover and create new threat intelligence and unify cyber security teams and NC4's Soltra Edge® enables Cyber Threat Intelligence to be shared and automated within your organization and the outside world. Contact NC4 any time at 877-624-4999 to learn more about our cyber risk products and services.

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