Building a Strong Mass Notification System

Posted on Mar 06, 2017

As critical as planning for emergency situations is, all that work and preparation will be wasted if communication systems are not in place when they are crucially needed. The concept of communication systems covers a wide spectrum of possible uses for a large organization, but one of the most front-facing is a mass notification system. Building a powerful one requires that many things be taken into consideration. This often can be a lengthy process, but the ability to properly implement protocol in an emergency situation is paramount to the operation of an organization. Additionally, modern safety and security solutions are an invaluable part of any company.

Safety and Security Solutions | Building a Strong Mass Notification System</When initially taking the first steps to creating a mass notification system, there are a few ideas to consider right off the top:


  • Information collection: The best way to start is simply to gather information from every level of your organization. No fact is too trivial, and no department should be left out. This is the time to get a deep understanding of the technical aspects of your facilities and teams. You should also be checking with your local state fire and emergency services to see what laws and rules are current for your area (this is particularly true with fire codes). Don't forget to loop IT into this initial process. Information collection will allow you to determine what exactly your facility's needs are.
  • Check existing systems: Unless you are dealing with the literal construction of a facility, odds are there is already some sort of process or system in place for emergency situations. These can be outdated or involve malfunctioning equipment, but the readiness of every piece of gear and communication technique should be fully understood.
  • Understand your risk: Every location is going to have risks that relate directly to locality. From earthquakes to hurricanes, knowing what is most likely to happen, and how it will affect your mass communication ability, is vital. 


Exceptional mass notification systems need to have the ability to quickly notify those in harm's way. Clear and concise communication improves situational awareness and emergency response time; the message need not be complex, but the method to distribute critical information may be. NC4 Risk Center is a state-of-the art-system that takes into account a variety of parameters and allows managers to act with speed and accuracy.

By partnering with some of the best mass notification companies in the world, this important safety and security solution for your organization integrates many of the best-known emergency methods in use today. For more information on applying NC4's solutions to your organization's needs, contact us today at 877-624-4999, or feel free to e-mail us at

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