Your Most Important Tool When Corporate Travel Goes Wrong

Posted on Jan 31, 2018

Reports indicate that international business travel is expected to increase 6.1% in 2018. This means more business travelers for companies to watch and safeguard in a world that continues to see increases in terror attacks and destructive inclement weather. While these and many other hazards are outside of an employee's control, having a security solution that can provide real-time updates and communication between company security personnel and the traveling employee is an important tool for travelers to help mitigate travel risks. With the global threat environment continuing to put travelers at risk, companies need to do all they can to alleviate business travel anxieties and keep employees safe.  

Travel Risk Management | When Corporate Travel Goes Wrong

When common travel mishaps occur, such as flight delays or cancellations, helpful contacts and local networks should be accessible. With tracking and position reporting, available directly on the traveler's mobile device, however, companies can know where their employees are and travelers can "check in" with their current location along with the status of their safety.  

Real-time communication between corporations, and employees, is crucial for travelling professionals, and nowhere is this better highlighted than in one of the worst-case travel scenarios: kidnapping. Though the majority of kidnapping victims are locals, travelers (especially middle-income employees) are still at risk. In the moment, making a call may be impossible, but pressing the ActivPoint™ distress button feature is all it takes to connect an imperiled traveler with corporate security personnel through NC4 Risk Center™. The distress signal will trigger a visible status change on the NC4 situation map and an alert, which will be sent to the organization's operations center and enable precise geo-located tracking.  Even if the kidnappers remove or destroy the employee's phone, Risk Center still records the location from which the distress signal was sent, potentially making a kidnapped employee easier to locate and recover. Whether it is an express kidnapping or a ransom kidnapping, the distress button can signal for help without putting the traveler at further risk.

Real-time updates between companies and travelers in disaster situations are crucial to protect impacted employees.  Some situations may require the traveler to safely navigate away from danger to reach a meet-up point where the company can provide further assistance. Political unrest is an example of this: travelers may not know that the political climate is shifting, as they may not be regularly checking the news while conducting business.  When events stemming from political unrest occur, it's important that travelers have information as soon as possible so they can react quickly and intelligently to evade harm.  ActivPoint not only immediately notifies the traveler of potential threats, but also empowers travelers to choose safe routes and avoid areas that are hazardous.   

Though travel disasters can be intimidating, they don't need to be insurmountable with the help of security solutions that deliver critical information to the right people in real-time. With solutions like ActivPoint, travelers can closely monitor the situation without being impacted by it. At NC4® we strive to improve risk visibility and situational awareness with real-time incident alerts, updates, and global security information to prepare employees for safer travel. Choose a travel security solution that works on the go, and explore ActivPoint today. 

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