Wish You Had a Crystal Ball?

Posted on Aug 22, 2019

We predict you're heading to GSX in Chicago this September 8 -11. Come see us in Booth #1753 and let’s talk safety and security in the complex, global environment we live in today.

Everbridge’s NC4 Risk Center™ is the #1 leader in providing real-time, early warning, and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten critical infrastructure, cause business disruption, and affect employee health and safety. It’s real-time intelligence so fast and so accurate it’s like seeing the future. It’s predictive intelligence equivalent to a crystal ball. It’s holding all the cards to the success of your organization.

This hand spells a great future every time.

The Supplier

Discipline. Care. Attention to detail. Focus. The Supplier walks the finest of lines when it comes to managing global demand and perfecting the art of business continuity. Making sure all moving parts and pieces contribute to a 24/7 smooth operation, The Supplier balances the complex relay which makes an organization whole.

As a global leader in business continuity and supply chain management, The Supplier uses NC4 Risk Center data feeds to simplify and streamline predictive intelligence, staying one step ahead of any incident or crisis— natural or manmade, physical or digital, planned or unplanned.

The Supplier makes everyone on the team better, empowering them with timely and relevant content, responsive design for cross-platform multi-device compatibility, data visualization and mapping enhancements, and highly customizable filtering and reporting.

The Supplier thrives in the face of global threats.

In developing a strategy for uncertainty, The Supplier is known for using first-rate, award-winning tools to anticipate multiple outcomes. By incorporating and anticipating change, The Supplier will correct course quickly in the face of unpredictability. 

The Protector

The Protector has power and dominion over all assets and employees in an organization— and with that comes great responsibility. The Protector doesn’t shy from this responsibility, but welcomes it. Providing the highest level of Duty of Care is a moral and legal obligation, and NC4 helps The Protector not just succeed in this fundamental sector of business life every single day, but thrive in it.

When sending team members out into the world for important business travel in locations far from the seemingly safe space of company headquarters and local offices, The Protector uses NC4 Risk Center’s ActivTravel, ActivWeather, and ActivPoint add-ons to guide employees with geo-fencing, distress calls, position-based alerting, and GPS-powered tracking and position reporting. Travel threats can be a challenging part of any large organization's management infrastructure, and mitigating these threats and risks as much as possible is paramount to the moral and legal conscience of The Protector, and thus the integrity of the organization.

By practicing superior Duty of Care measures, The Protector guards an organization from unnecessary risk, as well as possible legal ramifications. Corporate security can be complicated; this is why The Protector is so important. With Risk Center’s predictive tools, and its ability to see patterns in information, The Protector is proactive when it comes to corporate security, allowing the team to prepare in advance for any situation ranging from severe weather to terrorism.

The Signal

The warden of mystery. The breaker of surprises. The truth teller.

The Signal provides security leaders in an organization with a crystal-clear, holistic picture of risk assessment. Using open-source intelligence (OSINT), NC4 Signal filters data from the most popular social media platforms, blogs, forums, the Dark Web, and more, to provide a customized stream of rich, relevant data in real-time so need-to-know people are constantly aware of critical events as they unfold.

When 2 billion active social media users are posting approximately 500 million tweets, 2 million blog posts, and 300 hours of video per minute— which accounts for only part of the global conversation happening on the internet in a single day— The Signal understands that some of that information inevitably impacts the organization it serves. But this much data is too much for any one person or even team of people to sort through themselves.

When reputation is at stake, when asset protection is at stake, when corporate security is at stake, The Signal comes through.

The Signal provides security teams with intelligent insights anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device. Tools to mine the online world for relevance have become essential; in fact, the safety of an organization depends on it now. That’s why information on the web concerning an organization should never be a mystery.

The Expert

When an incident occurs, count on The Expert to use predictive intelligence to make balanced decisions in alerting your organization and employees.

Intelligence analysts at the NC4 International Monitoring Center (NIMC) provide 24/7/365 comprehensive, verified, relevant, actionable intelligence, often even before anyone in the news is reporting on it.

The NIMC helps The Expert provide granular, targeted weather-related alerts, in-depth global analysis, situation reports, analytical briefs, historical reporting analysis, and improve the overall security posture of your organization.

Temperance, strength, and wisdom—these cardinal virtues are what The Expert is all about.

Don’t leave it up to chance. By staying informed of evolving situations, The Expert will proactively assist teams with information, allowing an organization to continue to thrive even in the face of adversity.

The Risk Mitigator

NC4 Risk Center works like magic, but there is no trick. The Risk Mitigator makes any organization capable of achieving its goals with world-class revolutionary safety and security.

Through a single dashboard of tools, The Risk Mitigator allows security teams to master business continuity, supply chain management, Duty of Care, crisis management, and leverage open-source intelligence for a complete holistic picture of risk assessment.

It’s time to transform your organization.

As the world continues to become more connected, potential risks that impact your organization’s employees, assets, supply chain, and infrastructure are growing equally more complex. In order to protect these everyday operations, it is critical to monitor and mitigate risk proactively. The Risk Mitigator uses NC4 Risk Center to provide 24/7 access to real-time geospatial and contextual data, and empowers leaders to proactively monitor risks to prevent harm and react to unpredictable scenarios like terrorism or severe weather. The time has come. You’re ready to master the universe.

Your success is in the cards!

For the best hand in town, stop by Booth #1753. Come see what’s new with NC4, learn about the Everbridge acquisition, receive a live demonstration, and explore exciting upcoming features that make NC4 Risk Center and NC4 Signal the best choice for risk mitigation. Reserve your demo and Risk Prediction kit here!

NC4 Risk Center™ is the leading solution for global, real-time incident monitoring and risk mitigation, catering to the specific demands of your business. Contact us at (877) 624-4999 or email us at info@NC4.com for more information on our risk management solutions.

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