When Your Greatest Weakness Becomes Your Greatest Strength

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

When it comes to your organization’s cybersecurity, people can be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness. The truth is, employees slip up every day— whether it’s opening a deceptive e-mail, connecting to public Wi-Fi, divulging a password in error, using unauthorized software, ignoring application updates, or downloading a virus unknowingly. The cybercriminals behind ransomware, worms, phishing, botnets, and trojans, among other types of malware, rely on simple and predictable human error just like these listed. Ransomware attacks alone are growing by more than 350% annually. In 2018, the average cost of a data breach to a U.S. company was 7.91 million dollars.

By studying your organization, probing, and poking holes to determine who may be vulnerable, malicious actors can determine which employees may be easy targets to steal data, identities, money, and more. In other words, cybercriminals are preying on your employees’ innate human trust. An organization is only as strong as its weakest cyber aware employee.

People are not perfect, and never will be, but we can constantly do our best to stay hyper cyber aware, and we can grow more trustworthy when it comes to cybersecurity. A positive cybersecurity culture around the office empowers employees to react quickly and responsibly, which can help lower the consistency in which these instances turn into a costly data breach.

For this to happen, employees must be involved in cybersecurity efforts from the organization’s top down. Effective cybersecurity requires total participation. When these employees become cyber educated and informed, they can become an organization’s first line of defense and greatest cybersecurity strength.

A meticulous, complete, all-encompassing approach to cybersecurity in the workplace means implementing the right technology to defend against threats, the right information sharing processes, and the right people to drive the effort. NC4’s Cyber Defense Network enables humans and machines to work together at peak efficiency. Customize the right cyber defense package for your organization, and create a culture of cybersecurity. For more information on our cyber defense solutions, contact us today at 877-624-4999.


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