What You Need to Know About Physical and Cyber Security

Posted on Mar 06, 2018

The Right Hand Must Know What the Left Hand is Doing

A cyber-attack on your company's network impacts not just your online operations anymore, but also your physical operations. Because of this, companies are beginning to restructure their departments in order to merge physical and cyber security as one unified force.

Safety & Security | Physical and Cyber Security

In today's ever-evolving world, if an organization still has separate departments to manage the physical side of things— i.e. building access, parking lot patrol, heating and air-conditioning, regular building maintenance, the safeguarding of physical valuables and money, the supply chain, medical concerns, weather issues, duty of care, disasters, customer service— and the IT network that actually controls aspects of these things, including assessment, response and, in many cases, the system itself, then there is potential for a devastating communication breach. You're left with a situation where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

A cyber-attack is no longer simply a cyber problem when you physically depend on the services that your network provides.

Separately, the two departments—cyber security and physical security— aren't familiar enough with each other's processes, response protocol, day-to-day routines, and information to present a unified front against the cyber threats that now affect an entire organization's daily operations.

The answer? Reorganize.

The Security Manager of the Future

The Security Manager of the future will have a blended knowledge of physical and cyber defense—including a solid background in threat, vulnerability and physical risk assessment, as well as an understanding of risk as it's layered within our systems.

While the idea of physical security has been around forever, information security is a relatively new concept. Thus, employees in departments who typically are used to having little to no interaction, now find that they must immerse themselves in each other's processes and understandings of risk. The blending of departments is, of course, usually a difficult task, as job descriptions and titles change, skill requirements change, and the company's needs change.

But it's best not to wait until disaster strikes to update your managerial model. Just one cyber-attack can inflict absolutely catastrophic damage on a company. Promote the education of, and blending of, both cyber and physical security with thoughtfulness to ensure the smoothest transition possible. Understand that getting everyone onboard with a company-wide reorganization will not happen overnight, which is why you should start considering your options today.

As the cyber world continues to change business operations, and physical day-to-day security becomes more entwined with systems, then our organizations too, must change.

A culture of enhanced security is a process. Contact us online or call NC4 any time at 877-624-4999 for more information on our tools, capabilities, and knowledge. Let's talk about how NC4 can get started on helping your organization.


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