What Approach To Cybersecurity Should Your Company Take?

Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Every organization has different cybersecurity needs and vulnerabilities. Threats have evolved to the point where even niche industries and companies can be targeted, and online criminals have an ever expanding target to take aim at. Every organization has the responsibility to be cybersecurity aware, which includes finding the right protections for your business systems and understanding how to implement these protections. Generally speaking, there are three main thought processes for cybersecurity, they include:

Cybersecurity Awareness Approaches For All Organizations

  • Product Heavy: One theory on organizational cybersecurity is to simply throw technology at the problem. Buy every product on the market, and include any patch or malware-protection bundle available. The problem with this approach is that it invariably leads to a cluttered protection system, one where security gaps are difficult to detect.
  • Offensive Security: Some organizations like to approach cybersecurity in a very active way by relentlessly looking for problems within systems. While good in theory, cyber threats operate at too high a rate, and with too many variables, to be able to keep up with them in real-time.
  • Defensive Security: The exact opposite of an offensive security structure, by employing a defensive approach, a company is basically accepting the fact that attacks will occur and that they will be successful. The focus in this system is on  response and recovery. While it's smart to have response guidelines ready, a purely defensive security system can leave vulnerabilities ripe for attack.

The best form of cybersecurity, no matter your organizational structure, is one that combines all three. The focus should be on prevention, with clear lines for communication set up on every level of an organization. The approach should be one that takes the three processes from above, and blends them into a consolidated process with a singular focus. No security gap should be ignored, and every piece of infrastructure should have a back-up security system in place.

Cybersecurity awareness is just that: being aware of the protections you need, and knowing the level your company is at and needs to be at, in terms of being sufficiently secure. No system will be invincible, but the goal should be continuous improvements, with solid technology and good team-wide communication leading the way.


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