What A "Culture of Cybersecurity" Could Mean For Your Organization

Posted on Jan 23, 2018

When it comes to your organization, few words or concepts are more important than culture. By instilling cyber awareness values within your organization, which include an emphasis on understanding risk and knowing proper protocols, you can have more confidence in your capabilities when facing threats.

Threat Intelligence Experts Discuss a Cyber-secure Culture

Consider the numbers that have caused organizations to make cybersecurity more commonplace:

  • Attacks are growing at a rate of 350 percent per year. From Equifax to Yahoo to Target, we hear about new cyber-attacks seemingly every week.
  • The threat industry is now a billion-dollar business, with an attack said to occur every 40 seconds. The continual growth allows hackers to become more sophisticated and comfortable attacking additional target. 
  • As told by a 2016 report regarding cybercrime, cyber-attacks are thought to grow into a trillion dollar business by 2021.

So, how can a culture of cybersecurity awareness help your organization? For starters, most worms and malware rely on simple and predictable human error. In companies of all sizes, these easy slip-ups (from opening a deceptive e-mail, to downloading a virus in error), are inevitable. A positive cybersecurity culture around the office can also help to embolden those who may have fallen prey to malware, to react quickly and responsibly while being hyper aware, which can help lower the consistency in which these instances happen.

Additionally, there are basic concepts that can help focus and streamline your infrastructure from the top down. Some important questions to ask yourself include: do your frontline employees need to know about cloud security if all data is held on-site? Is responding to the media a concern for your organization in the wake of an attack? These are basic guiding concepts that can help focus and streamline your infrastructure from the top down. 

It should be noted that a culture of enhanced cyber awareness is a process: an overnight fix is not possible. But with patience, the right systems, and the right people, any organization can find itself in a better place down the road. Contact NC4 any time at 877-624-4999 for more information on our tools, capabilities, and knowledge.


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