Take it to the Bank

Posted on Apr 18, 2019

The banking and finance industry is obviously a critical component to our national and global economy. Protecting a bank’s reputation, locations, customers, and employees is a significant effort that requires advanced levels of proactive security, risk assessment, real-time situational awareness, and actionable insights in order to safeguard this economic bedrock of our daily lives.

That’s why eight of the ten largest Fortune 500 commercial banks are NC4 customers, as well as many private sector banking, securities, and insurance companies. In addition to these large banks, almost 70 regional and local banks use NC4 Risk Center™, which means that from small local banks to complex global institutions, Risk Center’s targeted alerting streamlines a security team’s ability to monitor and analyze incidents and events in real time.

Today, customer expectations are rising in line with changing technology. Because of recent highly publicized fraud cases, banks’ behavior toward their customers is under scrutiny. The pressure to reduce overhead costs remains constant. Regulations continue to change, and banks must be able to meet them. New risks emerge all the time, as we prepare to head into the next decade with advancements in technology ahead, political change, global climate and weather crises, and evolving consumer and employee behaviors. Nobody can predict the future, but because of Risk Center, banks can exercise a large degree of control over these risks. Risk Center empowers security teams to:

  • Extend their organization's ability to monitor, gather, and analyze incidents
  • Heighten situational awareness to enable intelligent risk management and mitigation
  • Speed escalation and response times to planned and unplanned incidents
  • Reduce overhead risk-related costs
  • Fulfill Duty of Care obligations

In addition to Risk Center, banks use NC4 Signal™ to stay aware of potential threats to safety and security as they are discussed in online, open-source communications. With heightened situational awareness and real-time intelligence, a bank’s security team is able to extend the organization’s reach to monitor, gather, and analyze potential risks, then make informed decisions to speed escalation and response times to incidents as they reduce overhead costs and protect their brand.

Contact us today to learn more how NC4 solutions help protect the banking and finance industry, or watch a personalized demo to learn how we can help you safeguard your financial organization’s assets, operations, and employees.

That’s something you can take to the bank.


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