Retail Therapy: Safety & Security in the Retail Industry

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

In May 2018, a dispute at Nashville, Tennessee’s Opry Mills Mall—home to over 200 stores— resulted in gunfire. The shopping mall was put on lockdown, and one man died from the shooting. Unfortunately, deadly attacks in public spaces—schools, churches, pedestrian walks, bars, and malls, for example—are becoming more and more common. We’re living in an unpredictable world, which means situational awareness and personal safety are higher priorities than ever before.

Opry Mills Mall is Tennessee’s largest outlet mall, complete with movie theater, wax museum, and many restaurants. If it happened here, it can certainly happen anywhere.

Retailers around the world face difficult safety and security challenges as they work to protect their brand names, company reputation, retail revenue streams, physical assets, supply chains, employees, and customers, on a daily basis. Essentially, every adult in the world is also a consumer. Retail space can often be the kind of public turf where arguments fester, and nefarious and random acts of terror and violence can occur, jeopardizing the safety of customers and employees, and ultimately threatening reputation and stakeholder value.

A key differentiator for resilient retail operations is situational awareness. In today's complex and unpredictable world, physical security threats and the associated risks they pose to your organization extend beyond brick-and-mortar storefronts to include online presence and global distribution channels as well.

NC4 safety and security solutions provide retailers with timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information, giving retailers the ability to proactively mitigate risks to their organization.

NC4 Risk Center™ provides the timely and vetted information you need to protect your company’s people, assets and production. Combined with  NC4 Signal™, an open source intelligence digital listening tool, organizations can enhance their situational awareness with advance awareness of threats that may have an online component.

From July 11 – 13 2018, NC4 will be at the NRF Protect Conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference and expo is hosted by the National Retail Federation. Come see us, contact us today to learn how NC4 technology solutions can secure and improve your retail operations and help keep your customers and employees safe.


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