Paying Respect Includes Paying It Forward

Posted on Nov 11, 2018

During times of peace and during times of war—from the earliest days of the American Revolution to our current struggles around the world—generations of Americans proudly serve their country to ensure our continued freedom and security at home. Each year, on November 11th, we honor these veterans who have contributed to a safer, freer, more just society.

Military, law enforcement leaders, and public safety officials share a unified responsibility to look forward to a brighter future, and to continue to make our communities the best they can be.

NC4® develops powerful, online public safety technology solutions that provide a common operating picture for public safety organizations and first responders, improving how they collect, manage, share, and disseminate information, fight crime, mitigate risks, and manage emergency situations. These robust, field-proven technology-based solutions are currently used in the public sector by numerous federal, state, and local agencies in homeland security, emergency management, and law enforcement disciplines. As anyone in public safety knows, having data-driven, decision support-tools as we begin to close out the second decade of the new millennium is paramount.

At NC4, we strive to empower frontline personnel with all the tools they need to protect the public, and make our neighborhoods and communities from coast to coast as safe and secure as possible, for everybody.

To every American veteran reading this: Thank you. NC4 is grateful for your service. We’ll do our best to pay it forward.

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