NC4 Street Smart® Gets Smarter with SaaS

Posted on Aug 07, 2018

NC4® has adopted a new cloud strategy specifically tailored to your law enforcement agency’s need for enhanced levels of data security, secure language coding, leveraged cost savings, and faster-than-ever deployment capabilities. Together, we can combat costly mistakes and avoidable end-user errors, while keeping you safe, and making it easier to do what you and your front-line users do best: fight crime and keep your communities as safe as possible.

By using Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, NC4 is enhancing the functionality and speed of our NC4 Street Smart® solution, while also providing you with added layers of data security. Microsoft Azure is widely accepted as an industrial-strength platform for running the largest and most-demanding workloads. There is an increasing openness and confidence that customers have in their use of the cloud, and people are beginning to realize how transitioning data and operating capabilities to Microsoft Azure can offer superior performance. In addition, using a cloud infrastructure allows agencies to realize significant cost savings without compromising security.

Specifically, Street Smart employs Microsoft to power the new Crime Connector— a sophisticated tool that surfaces sense-making case data to find relevant links between people, places, activities, and assets, giving officers real-time intelligence to connect the dots and the potential to solve every case. Law enforcement officials and public safety leaders know how important it is to be able to put the pieces of a crime together as fast as possible. This feature collects data and puts it in one place for the end user. Officers can source that data in real-time to identify associations that are relevant to solving cases. A person can be mentioned in a bulletin, a discussion, a feed, or a crime, which links all the records together. Street Smart empowers users with a greater visibility of associations, enhanced ways to link content within the system (by users or by feeds), and enhanced flexibility in defining relationships between content in the system – so that the system can be better tailored to the customer’s business practices. It’s all about piecing the whole picture together.

The mass migration to the public cloud is here; now, it’s high time to leverage the benefits. A broad selection of tools on an easy-to-use cloud platform, along with advanced security and threat detection, is 100% a good thing. Piece together incidents and identify patterns faster. Trust Street Smart to make the hard business of crime-fighting as organized and simple as we can for you.

Let us provide your agency with the tools to streamline intelligence-gathering and sharing while improving your efficiency in fighting crime. Share relevant, structured and unstructured information in true real-time, while on patrol, through situation-based bulletins and police discussion blogs. Click here to request a full demo of NC4 Street Smart’s enhanced features and functionality. For more information on the solutions for your organization, contact NC4 at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at


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