NC4 Street Smart® Enhances Real-time Crime Centers

Posted on Jan 19, 2018

Real-time crime centers (RTCCs) and the technology that supports them exist for the common goal of helping information flow to the members of the law enforcement agency to help the communities they serve stay safe. NC4 Street Smart® can enhance an RTCC in a number of ways.  RTCCs take data flows from across the jurisdiction and funnel them into one centralized location where they are analyzed in a real-time setting. Normally these data sources are from structured sources, such as CAD and RMS data, surveillance cameras, license plate reader technology, and other external information sources. The data is evaluated, summarized, and in theory, pushed out to the front lines and to crime analysts that can act on the information. What real-time crime centers often lack is that critical unstructured information flow that occurs between members of the agency. When informal "water cooler chatter" occurs, officers are often sharing information that can be crucial to pass on to the next shift or cycle.  Unfortunately, this information sharing doesn't occur as often as it should. Instead, this significant piece of information will be left at the water cooler or brought home written down in the officer's notebook. 

Law Enforcement Technology | Real-time Crime Centers

Street Smart's blog (discussion board) feature breaks down these communication barriers. In a real-time crime center setting, the information that is pushed out can be acted on and informally discussed and shared with all members of the agency in real-time. Officers on the other side of the jurisdiction can instantly know not only that leads exist in a crime, but what quick steps are being taken to act on those leads. And if that officer on the other side of the jurisdiction has a tidbit of information to add, he can now instantly share that information with everyone in the agency instead of relying upon another means of communication that may or may not be reliable.

For agency's that do not have real-time crime center technology, Street Smart can replicate the features that the crime center has. The four cornerstones of Street Smart – Bulletins, Blogs, Case Management (viewing crime data in real-time) and the Map Viewer – all integrate the functions and data that are typically housed in a real-time crime center and make it available at the fingertips of the front line officers. The technology incorporates such data as CAD and RMS data, offender data (real-time feeds such as career offenders and registered sex offenders), warrant and arrest data, and other customizable data that your agency would desire such as vacant homes, traffic crash locations, pawn data, etc. In essence, Street Smart becomes the real-time crime center, and allows everyone in the agency to contribute to the real-time crime fight by sharing and disseminating information flow in an effective and efficient manner. 

We would love to show you how Street Smart can enhance your real-time crime center. Click here to view a demo.

For more information on the platforms available to your organization, contact NC4 at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at


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