NC4 Risk Center™: Why It Works

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Whether you think that everything happens for a reason, or that everything merely happens, we can all agree that we’re living in unpredictable times. With more incidents of protests, random shootings, frequent acts of terrorism, and natural disasters tallying catastrophic damage all over the world, it feels like anything can happen, at any time. What if it does?

What if something were to happen at the precise moment you’re reading this sitting at your desk, or five minutes from now when you stand up for a cup of coffee? Would you know what to do? Are you prepared to handle anything that comes your way?

Picture an ordinary business day— a typical Monday morning, let’s say— and an employee has just texted you from inside your office building. Perhaps you’re working remotely, or you’re on business travel, or perhaps you haven’t arrived, parked, and made it to the elevator. This employee texts you because he’s heard reports—fact or fiction, reality or rumor, he has no idea— that there is an active shooter nearby, perhaps inside the office park itself.

If you’d had NC4 Risk Center™, you’d already know this as well as all the relevant facts about the threat. You’d have the actionable insights and intelligence you need to respond directly, and provide as much safety for your employees as possible, which is part of your moral and legal responsibility: your duty of care.

When something goes wrong, Risk Center is there for you. Here are the hypothetical actions that our dedicated, experienced NC4 International Monitoring Center (NIMC) analysts would take to get you the information you need, when you need it. Our analysts work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



First, as 911 calls are made, emergency units are dispatched, and bystanders begin tweeting about what they are seeing, NIMC's wide-sweeping network of collection platforms mine the most relevant real-time data. A multi-tier filtering process eliminates 'noise' and zeros in on source-based reports of the active shooter in seconds for our analysts to review manually.

While media sources will try to report on dramatic details such as a suspect’s potential terrorist ties, or criminal background, NIMC focuses on actionable information like which areas are safe vs closed off, what the status of the suspect is, and how many casualties have been confirmed, etc.  Our analysts and our systems discard unrelated and less informative reports while allowing priority reports about the shooter to pass through.

With the help of some automated and semi-automated processes, intelligence analysts manually evaluate the timeliness, accuracy, and location of the active shooter reports. The quick time between an incident occurring and our analyst team evaluating it is that much more time you gain. By eliminating the “drama” of the event, our analysts can focus 100% on how the event affects you and your organization.

Quickly, our analysts have generated an active shooter report. Our analysts distribute the report to affected user profiles based on profile settings via the NC4 data feed and NC4 ActivPoint app. Look at your phone. Instead of a panicked employee texting, it’s an NC4 alert—often minutes or even hours before reaching even local news outlets. With Risk Center, you have the correct information—not rumors from unnerved employees, or half-truths on Twitter, if you even have time to sift through them— to respond quickly with confidence, to take control of the situation, and to navigate the chaos and keep your employees as safe as possible.

Our NIMC analysts are right there with you— providing you with everything you need to protect your organization, assets, employees, reputation, and everything you care about, no matter what time of day or where you are on the globe.

Don’t leave it up to chance. With everyone informed of evolving situations and proactively assisting teams with information, your organization can continue to thrive even in adversity. Contact us at (877) 624-3771 or email us at for more information on our risk management solutions.


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