It’s an Unpredictable World: 4 Features of ActivPoint® To Keep Your Employees Safe

Posted on Feb 09, 2018

Companies have a legal and moral duty to provide the highest possible level of care to their employees—especially those employees who put themselves at risk with business travel. ActivPoint is an indispensable mobile app that uses GPS technology and key NC4 Risk Center™ features to improve risk visibility and situational awareness with real-time incident alerts, updates, and global security information. Whether your team is engaged in a routine car trip or an extended stay abroad, using ActivPoint is a great way to fulfil your company's Duty of Care obligations and keep everyone involved protected.

Travel Risk Management | 4 Features of ActivPoint® To Keep Employees Safe

Here are 4 features of ActivPoint that both companies and their employees rely on:

1.  Tracking and Position Reporting

Knowing exactly where your employees are with precise position data is one solution proven to mitigate risk. Of course, you probably don't need to know where your employees are at every second. Accordingly, users can activate and deactivate the feature whenever they want, meaning that users control the amount of information shared with corporate headquarters by judiciously deciding which positions to report. This gives them the flexibility to communicate with corporate headquarters if and when they need assistance. 

2.   Position-Based Alerting

Natural disasters. Acts of terrorism. Infectious disease outbreaks. Political instability. The world is constantly changing, and new crises arise every single day. The position-based alerting feature allows businesses to warn and directly message travelers in addition to requesting and recording an "I'm OK" affirmation. This is a direct and efficient communication link between corporations and their employees in the event of an emergency.

3.   Geo-Fencing

By setting up geo-fences, you can define safe zones and no-go zones designed to keep employees out of danger. With an easy-to-read map, employees can quickly assess which areas are safe, and which areas aren't. In the event of a geo-fence breach, a message through NC4 Risk Center will alert the company as well as the traveler when their device enters or exits an active geo-fence.

4.     Distress Button

No matter how prepared you and your employees are, nobody can predict the future. In the event of an emergency, the distress button feature allows users to send a distress signal to corporate security personnel through NC4 Risk Center. This triggers a visible status change on the NC4 Situation Map and alerts the organization's administrator. Knowing that emergency contact can be made quickly is vital to both the traveler and their employer's peace of mind.

NC4 helps organizations enhance the way they handle travel risk management every day through the use of NC4 Risk Center, which includes the ActivPoint app.   For more information about the ways NC4 can help your organization manage and mitigate risk, call us at 1-877-624-4999, or contact us online.

It's an unpredictable world— stay safe out there!

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