Information Alone is Not Intelligence: Be Intelligent About Your Intelligence

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Information alone is merely data, a collection of facts. With 24/7 news media cycles, social media, and internet outlets, there is no shortage of readily available information about everything from terrorism to what your friends are eating for lunch. The data is coming from everywhere: on your phone, on your computer, your television, media stands and at your front door. Everywhere you look, there is new information, and this is particularly overwhelming—and dangerous— in an era when the term "fake news" is regularly shouted. When "fake" information is mistaken for "real" information and vice-versa, it's difficult to discern what constitutes an actual threat situation. Even if you're receiving 100% factual data, the data alone doesn't always include the contextual details you need to understand a situation and use the data accordingly.

Travel Risk Management | Be Intelligent About Your Intelligence

Information can be turned into intelligence that's appropriately mapped onto the relevant goals and priorities of your company. Maximizing the value and effectiveness of intelligence requires a strong, strategic, risk-based approach to security.

NC4 Risk Center™ is known for its extraordinary ability to track events in real-time.  From domestic events like Inauguration Day and the Super Bowl, to global disruptions like the spread of the Zika virus and terror threats on the waters of Turkey, Risk Center analyzes data quickly so that you can understand the situation, decide how to proceed, and act fast. For the World Cup in Russia, for example, NC4 is already on the ground, monitoring everything from logistical concerns to cyber and physical threats. We don't just provide the information, we analyze the situation and assess the danger that's relevant to your particular company. We provide you with the right information, at the right time, customized and tailored to your needs. This way, organizations can afford to be selective and strategic in their pursuit of intelligence, which saves time and energy.

Being complacent and assuming your employees know about potential travel risks puts your organization at risk for negligence. Organizations can't expect their employees to sift through this vast amount of information on their own, process that information, then decipher what might pose a risk to their own well-being. Legally, organizations must fulfill Duty of Care and Duty to Inform laws. Over the past decade, Fortune 500 companies have relied on NC4 intelligence to minimize their risk exposure and maximize their safety and security. Just take it from one of our customers, after the recent package bombings in Austin, Texas:

Thank you for being right on top of things during the Austin bombings. Creating a page for us to let friends and families know we're ok was a huge help. I'm sure those who took advantage of the offers for help were especially grateful. Thank you.

Risk Center gives all members in your organization the relevant information they need, when they need it. With its user-friendly map-based interface, easy-access global safety and security information, travel managers and their business travelers have all the up-to-date intelligence on global travel risks. To learn more about how NC4 can benefit your organization, email or call 877-624- 4999.


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