If Numbers Could Talk: NC4 Risk Center

Posted on Jun 06, 2019

47,442,417 real-time threat alerts in one year is a lot of intelligence. But that’s only a number. The story behind the statistics tells one of coverage, timeliness, granularity, and performance.

NC4 Risk Center™ combines thousands of the most trustworthy data sources with an experienced team of skilled analysts in our NC4 International Monitoring Centers to empower you to proactively mitigate risk and safeguard your organization. Our analysts, many with local language capabilities stationed around the world, monitor specific regions to verify the information and write reports, in addition to our teams on both coasts of the U.S. In other words, Risk Center is not just an intelligence feed on your phone or app. We’ve got talented and dedicated people sorting, categorizing, filtering through data, and reporting on incidents 24/7 to give you the intelligence most relevant to you from start to finish.

In 2018, our dedicated analysts tracked 110,000 unique real-time incidents with 47,442,417 corresponding real-time alerts. These numbers say a lot, but not everything. While other risk management platforms may bombard you with initial information when an incident first occurs— a.k.a the “fire and forget” method— our analysts stick with every incident until it’s closed. For example, an incident may be opened, updated 10 times, and closed; so, the number of touches would be 12 for that incident alone, which customers receive as alerts depending on their preferences and customizations. This is important because it shows the amount and particularity of coverage that we customize for you, which is impossible for a statistic to reflect.

When an incident such as a shooting or a weather event occurs, media sources may try to report on the dramatic details of the event, such as a shooter’s terrorist ties, or the impact of a tornado on the citizens of a small town. But we focuse on actionable information instead; for example, we’ll let you know which roads near you are safe vs. closed off, what the status of a suspect is, and how many casualties have been confirmed. Our analysts and our systems discard unrelated and less informative reports while allowing priority reports to pass through. So, by eliminating the noise and the “drama” around the event, our analysts focus 100% on how the event affects you and your organization. That’s something a number can’t tell you.

Not only is our information localized and highly customizable to you, it’s detailed, put into context for you, and gives you the granular level of detailed intelligence that makes sense given your needs. The quantity of public online data is so great that it’s impossible for one human being—or even one team— to filter through the noise to find the relevant material needed without wasting time, money, and manpower. Instead, organizations turn to NC4 Risk Center™.

46,261,591 real-time threat alerts in one year is a lot of intelligence. But it’s the story behind the number that counts. To find out more about our story, and to tell us yours, get in touch with us. Call us at (877) 624-3771 or email us at info@NC4.com.


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