How Does NC4 Risk Center™ Work? An Infographic

Posted on Jun 04, 2018

 How important to you is your company, your assets, and your employees? If you care about proactive security, supply chain risk assessment, travel risk management, or business continuity, then you need the very best risk management solution. NC4 Risk Center™ integrates technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis, enhancing your ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to risk.

So, what goes on at NC4’s Incident Monitoring Centers (NIMC)? What do our analysts do? How does the NC4 Risk Center solution actually work?

Take a look!


Our NIMC analysts work around the clock, 24/7, to identify incidents that may affect your company, your employees, and your assets. Various collection platforms leverage a wide combination of sources such as: government agencies, local/regional/foreign media outlets, social media networks and fire/police scanner networks to identify incidents. The mixture and composition of sources varies by location, but generally the collection platforms target RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, computer aided dispatch systems, worldwide notifications, official/media email blasts, informational websites, and police/fire radio networks—among others. This provides a layered, contextual perspective for our analysts, which is vital when reporting an incident accurately in addition to timely.

The second step includes a multi-tier filter process that eliminates ‘noise’ and narrows down the number of source-based reports for analysts to review manually. Our analysts and our systems discard unrelated or less informative reports while allowing priority reports to pass through.

Once these reports are received via the collection platforms, our team of analysts, with the help of some automated and semi-automated processes, manually evaluate the timeliness, accuracy, and location of each incident report. The time between an incident occurring and our analyst team evaluating it is usually extremely fast.

A robust set of reporting guidelines and tools assist analysts in helping to decide whether the incident should be reported.

The size and complexity of the incident affects the time it takes analysts to generate the report, but this generally occurs anywhere within one to fifteen minutes.

Finally, our analysts distribute the report to affected user profiles based on profile settings via the NC4 data feed and NC4 ActivPoint app—very quickly.

From incidents of protest and terrorism to natural disasters and viruses, and everything in between, Risk Center has got you covered. Communication and situational awareness are important to having steady business continuity, which is an essential pillar of any widespread organization. By keeping everyone informed of evolving situations and proactively assisting teams with information, your organization can continue to thrive even in adversity.   

Having a world-class risk visibility platform goes a long way. Questions? Ask away! Contact us at 877-624-3771, or email us at

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