Honoring Our Fallen, Empowering Our Tomorrow

Posted on May 28, 2018

Each May, our country honors our American heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifices, by giving up their own lives to protect our nation and our communities.  May 15th recognizes those fallen peace officers that lost their lives while serving their local, state, and federal jurisdictions.  The last Monday of May recalls those thousands of men and women, many of them young— who have lost their lives for our continued freedom.Honoring Our Fallen, Empowering Our Tomorrow

Honoring these men and women and their respective survivors comes with a sense of responsibility.


First, we should never take our freedoms for granted. These brave men and women died fighting for the peace of mind and opportunities we all share today. Our neighborhoods and communities from coast to coast are safer and more secure. We must never forget to whom we owe these liberties.


“Gone, but not forgotten” is manifested in actions of reverence by respectfully lowering our nation’s flag to half-staff on these two dates in May, wearing memorial or ribbon-covered badges for peace officers, and respectfully attending memorial services for the fallen heroes of our communities and nation.


Finally, our military and law enforcement leaders share a unified responsibility to look forward. Our  frontline personnel must have all the tools they need to get the mission accomplished.  Whether it’s taking a hill or thwarting a neighborhood’s robbery pattern – having data-driven, decision support-tools at ground zero is paramount.


NC4 Street Smart is the tool that law enforcement champions can give their frontline resources to provide officer safety, reduce crime victims, and instill community trust.  Most tools in law enforcement are defensive and reactive in nature. But having true, real-time information and intelligence at your fingertips is the only preventative, revolutionary solution to make your team heroes— while jointly keeping them safe.


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