Grace Under Pressure with E Team®

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

The best way to assess someone’s leadership ability, some argue, is to analyze how that person responds during a crisis.

Leadership is a serious, weighty responsibility. Managing and directing your emergency response team in times of crises is a reflection on your character. How well did your leadership skills help you and your team respond during the last large-scale disaster?

Nobody is immune to emergencies, or the fear, panic, and chaos that accompany them. But E Team® makes the lives of emergency management officials and the general public easier and safer. E Team allows people to act with grace under pressure.


Who uses E Team?

E Team is ideal for large and/or cross-jurisdictional emergency management organizations. Currently used by federal, state, and local governments, as well as corporate enterprises, E Team is perfect for inter-agency collaboration and communication between cities, counties, and numerous local and non-governmental organizations.

The information in E Team can be simultaneously shared among emergency response teams, decision makers, and other agencies during the planning, response, and recovery phases of an emergency event—keeping everyone safe, and everyone on the same page, reducing the “noise” and friction that emergencies bring to surface in the case of poor communication.


How does E Team work?

E Team provides a common operating picture so that organizations can react quickly, and execute a coordinated response based on real-time and historical information.

For example, when a disaster or crisis occurs, your emergency staff would create an Event within E Team. Whether the Event is planned or unplanned, the ability to act quickly and securely collaborate among organizations is paramount to protecting the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers.

While Events represent the disaster or emergency as a whole, staff in affected regional areas then create an Incident, which is an effect of the Event. E Team enables the geographic identification of facilities likely to be impacted by disasters that have a defined geographic area of impact, with standard data input and reporting, ensuring you have consistent information, which fill significant gaps in information sharing during emergency events.


Why does my organization need E Team?

E Team has a proven track record in managing major emergencies. Every level of an organization must be heavily invested in emergency planning and preparedness. People need to be able to communicate and collaborate within and across agencies when preparing, managing, and responding to emergencies on a large scale.

Do you want to improve the quality of information, and decrease the amount of staffing required to, for example, update a spreadsheet?— or other non-standardized methods of data capture?

E Team is the only emergency management solution on the market that meets stringent security requirements for installations requiring advanced levels of security.


Where is E Team used?

Everywhere. E Team establishes complete interoperability between regions’ emergency responders, while fostering the development of new interagency partnerships.

E Team allows jurisdictions to share complex data streams from multiple sources in a single, easy-to-use solution that delivers collaboration, real-time mapping, and fast access to information.

How will you handle your next emergency?

We can help to relieve some of the pressures from unknown variables so your team can continue being your best selves, especially when disaster strikes. Contact us at 877-624-4999 or email us at to learn more.


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