Don’t Let Outdated Software Haunt Your Computer

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

When software is no longer supported, it’s not merely useless; keeping outdated software on your computer is dangerous. When companies stop releasing security patches and end support for a product, hackers jump at the opportunity to target these unpatched vulnerabilities and steal, expose, or hold data for ransom. The vulnerabilities that outdated and end-of-life software expose are low hanging fruit for bad cyber actors.

All too often, the price of a data breach is much costlier than simply investing in updated software. A well-placed cyberattack targeted at the weaknesses in your organization’s network can instigate a data breach and cause great financial and reputational damage.

Healthcare organizations, for example, often make extensive use of legacy systems and still rely on devices that have reached their end-of-life, or that are no longer supported. This makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks on their network, which can cause patient records to be exposed and private company data to be released. Research consistently shows that healthcare data breach costs are among the highest across industries, showing an urgent need for the best cybersecurity practices.

All good things must come to an end—but often there’s something better on the other side! From improved functionality to new features, up-to-date software is all treat and no trick.

Soltra Edge® 2.8 is no longer supported, and will not receive updates or patches. Don’t worry, though, the most recent release of Soltra Edge has all the functionality you expect, as well as lots of great new features. New capabilities include support for DHS/AIS and the FedGov feeds to enable US Government threat sharing, password hashing that aligns to current best practices, an enhanced upgrade experience for all future releases, and backup and restore scripts to better manage data.

These new features in combination with all the existing capabilities truly make Soltra Edge the very best in cyber defense solutions. There is still a free version of Soltra Edge, and we’re committed to always having a free version. However, because one-size does not fit all, we offer a number of  different licensing options for your organization. Check them out, then contact us to start a free 90-day trial!

Don’t let end-of-life software haunt your computer. Stay a step ahead.

Soltra Edge is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. It enables an end-to-end community defense model and changes the posture of cybersecurity defenders from reactive to proactive. Soltra Edge is the most widely used cyber threat communications platform for two-way sharing of cybersecurity information among peers, trust groups, communities and government. Email us at or call 1-877-624-4999 to start your free trial.


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