Customize NC4 Risk Center™ to Fit Your Business

Posted on Apr 20, 2018

Leo Tolstoy said, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Likewise, in safety and security, a top-notch risk management solution involves a common process, but the types of risk vary from business to business. Legally and morally, you have the obligation of covering all of your employees to fulfill Duty of Care laws.

Duty of Care | Customize NC4 Risk Center to Fit Your Business

NC4 Risk Center™ is a unique safety and security solution because it caters to the particular demands of your business, serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, manufacturing companies, large commercial enterprises, global organizations, banking and finance companies. All of these industries require unique, specific travel analysis, tracking, global intelligence, and threat alerting. All of these industries and their specific risks, are taken care of by Risk Center.

Most organizations have offices and corporate assets spread out across the globe. With Risk Center, you can view all threats and risks in a real-time situation map. You can view detailed, contextual reports of emerging threats and incidents. You can receive customized alerts based on incident type, severity and location. You can automatically have customized reports emailed to designated recipients. Each company is able to customize to their needs and request special monitoring for their specific concerns. For example, those in the retail industry may request additional security assessment or alert activity when there is an increase in street traffic or protest activity to prevent looting or damage to property. An island company may want particular weather-related intelligence. A company with a supply chain in a war-torn country may want extra analysis on terror threats.

Perhaps you could use additional intelligence to protect executives or stake holders when holding an annual board meeting. Perhaps you're particularly worried about packages arriving in your mail center. Perhaps you have logistical concerns about your employees navigating past a nearby protest. 

Communication and situational awareness are important to having steady business continuity, which is an essential pillar of any widespread organization. By keeping everyone informed of evolving situations and assisting teams with intelligence, your organization can continue to thrive, even in the face of an increasingly unpredictable world.   

If you care about proactive security, supply chain risk assessment, travel risk management, or business continuity, then you need the very best risk management solution for your company. NC4 Risk Center integrates technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis, enhancing your ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to risks. For more information on how Risk Center can help your organization fulfill its duty of care obligations, contact us today at 877-624-4999 or email

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